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When Mars2000 stopped his editorial activities for PassionMSX last month, the inevitable happened in a situation where one single person practically keeps the website up to date.


by JohnHassink on 15-09-2010, 13:15
Topic: MSX Related

Recently, MSX developer and active forum member Huey brought to our attention that a fresh Windows game has been issued which is clearly designed to resemble the way MSX games used to look.

Rock City

by hap on 09-09-2010, 19:11
Topic: Software

Yesterday, newly registered member karma_phantom dug up Rock City, an MSX2 dodge-em-up he made 15 years ago during his highschool days. The game was left unfinished, missing key parts like sound and a story, but is still very playable nonetheless.

Retromallorca 2010 in the media

by Morg on 09-09-2010, 15:16
Topic: Media

In the local media, Retromallorca hasn't gone unnoticed. The organizing team is featured in the newspaper "Diario de Mallorca", both print and web versions. Have you booked your ticket to that new Mediterranean retro meeting yet? If you plan visiting this event, make yourself known, perhaps you can travel together!

QBIQS video

by wolf_ on 03-09-2010, 22:06
Topic: Software

A few days ago, QBIQS was released, finally. Hailed by some as one of the best MSX games in recent times, that should certainly make the remaining MSXdev months exciting. Have we seen a likely candidate for the gold medal, or is this early release an extra motivation for the competition to come up with an even better entry?

Konamiman's MSX page updated

by konamiman on 02-09-2010, 20:17
Topic: Websites

News from Konamiman!

MRC Download Charts - August 2010

by wolf_ on 01-09-2010, 10:39
Topic: MRC

The holidays are over, a new educational and professional year is afoot. Overlooking this society of new MSX developments is our download machine.

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