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meisei 1.3.2

by wolf_ on 09-01-2011, 22:31
Topic: Emulation

A new version of meisei was just released, exactly a year after the previous version.

Space Manbow TurboFix

by sd_snatcher on 08-01-2011, 14:53
Topic: Software

Here's a great new year's gift for fans of Konami's Space Manbow - and who isn't!

Ultimate MSX Game Character Battle Brawl [round 6]

by snout on 06-01-2011, 16:37
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

It's high time for a new round in our Ultimate MSX Game Character Battle Brawl! We're slowly closing in on the grand finaly with 32 characters left in the tournament which started with the massive amount of 296 competitors. In this round, things are going to get particularly tough as some of the 'usual suspects' are likely to not make it to the seventh round.

MSXdev10 - #6 Daq, Lord of Idar

by wolf_ on 05-01-2011, 21:12
Topic: Software

The Lord dies, long live the Lord! From Lord Zett comes the sixth entry for MSXdev'10: Daq, Lord of Idar. In this dice controlled board game, four aspiring players battle for the title of Lord.

Happy 2011

by wolf_ on 04-01-2011, 22:17
Topic: MRC

With the whole crew finally sober again: we wish you all the best for the new year, may your MSX activities prosper! At least for us it will be a special year; the domain will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2011, but more importantly: we will launch our new website. "I have heard that before" you may think, and that's right. And so has the crew, since 2007. But this year..

Mariënberg auction 2011

by OeiOeiVogeltje on 04-01-2011, 16:16
Topic: Events

An ongoing tradition, Dutch MSX club MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg will once again organize their annual auction. The auction is meant to preserve all sorts of MSX hardware and software from the bin, and find a new owner for it. It doesn't matter whether it's modest, rare, great or expanded; everything is welcome and all the profits go to the seller.

Vampire Killer TAS

by Manuel on 02-01-2011, 11:44
Topic: Software

Konami's Castlevania is a game franchise of 38 games already, one of them being our own good old Vampire Killer. A gamer named scrimpeh managed to finish this game in a mere 17:32 using openMSX and its range of emulation tools.

MSXdev'10 - #5 Hans' Adventure 1.1

by wolf_ on 01-01-2011, 23:33
Topic: Software

The Pets Mode have released an update of their MSXdev'10 entry Hans' Adventure. Adjustments have been made towards the map and the English texts in various parts of the game and manual.

Meanwhile, the main prize has grown to €266 and a Nowind cartridge.

MRC Download Charts - December 2010

by wolf_ on 01-01-2011, 13:20
Topic: MRC

A new year, a new month, most probably a new website this year, but foremost: a new overview of what has been downloaded the most in December 2010. As can be expected, new entries do very well.

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