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Polka! Color Changer

by Unregistered user on 27-06-2011, 20:43
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Imagine you have a Polka! file with a lot of tiles and now you need to change the palette order of the colors for some reason (typically you want to use multicolor sprites in screen 4). Until now, the only way to do that was to change manually the colors on all the tiles. Now you can use Polka! Color Changer.

MSX Computer Magazine online - update

by wolf_ on 26-06-2011, 21:36
Topic: Media

Dutch readers, especially those who lack early issues of MSX Computer Magazine in their collection, will be delighted to know that some of the really old issues have finally been put online. This is a fairly large project, so it's not complete yet. It's not just about scanning the lot, it's also about acquiring permission to publish these old articles. Not every author has been found yet.

Dromedaar Vision website launched

by snout on 22-06-2011, 22:09
Topic: Software

The Finnish MSX demo group Dromedaar Vision have just launched a new website where their creations can be found. Currently, there is only one demo available for download: a polished version of Juskaa Panassa.

Tasvideos: The Maze of Galious

by wolf_ on 22-06-2011, 20:52
Topic: Software

Imagine for a moment that you're a game designer, working for Konami around 1987. You get the assignment to design a tough platform game that should keep gamers busy for quite a few days. You've succeeded, and The Maze of Galious hits the shelves.

VeejingSX 0.7b

by snout on 22-06-2011, 15:05
Topic: Software
Tags: demo

Aorante has released a new version of VeejingSX. Intended as a realtime visual effects generator for MSX minded Veejays, VeejingSX can of course also be seen as a very nice user-controllable MSX1 demo.

La Mulana released in Japan

by snout on 22-06-2011, 14:36
Topic: MSX Related

Yesterday the WiiWare version of La Mulana, a game that clearly and openly celebrates the history of Konami MSX games, was released in Japan.

Only recently we reported about MSXdev'10 entry QBIQS finding its way to substantial life through the MSX Cartridge Shop.

Asteroid Wars announcement

by JohnHassink on 21-06-2011, 17:41
Topic: Software

From the well-known Karoshi forums, a new MSX developer emerged. This Ecaliusx, originally hailing from the ZX Spectrum scene, spent his vacation creating a new game called "Asteroid Wars" as a means of learning how to program for MSX.

Malaika - new design revealed

by viejo_archivero on 21-06-2011, 13:14
Topic: Software

It is not a secret that, since the foundation of the company, RELEVO Videogames have always playing around with the idea of developing a new game based on Malaika character, created by Jon Cortázar for the MSX game Malaika Prehistoric Quest (Karoshi Corporation, 2006).

Sunrise update

by Manuel on 21-06-2011, 01:39
Topic: Websites

Lately, the Sunrise website has been updated with the following news:

1. Denyonet release date: July 1st; reservation recommended
2. CF-Interface has become available again
3. The Lost World game manual added

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