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The New Image has released version 0.45 "Magnum mercy shot" of their Z80, R800 and GBZ80 cross-assembler tniASM, which features the following bugfixes:

  • Fixed: Generate error for

In 1987, Japanese company Toho released the first of their Arsene Lupin games. And let's face it, it screams Vampire Killer in every direction. The game isn't really bad, but few would argue that this game is actually an improvement over Konami's classic platform game.

MSX Solutions - Super Bioman 4

by wolf_ on 01-11-2011, 22:25
Topic: Software
Tags: Maps, Zemina

It's already been since the end of 2004 that Brazilian cartographer only_69 is around with his maps, and it certainly doesn't look like he'll be pulling the plug any time soon.

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