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MRC2k11 Poll down - MSX gaming poll up

by wolf_ on 28-03-2012, 21:30
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

The results of the MRC2k11 poll are in - we've passed the test! *pfew*

The experimental sound mini compo - a quick compo for sound maestros who know a thing or two about programming.

A new launcher for laserdisc games for openMSX, easier than ever.


by wolf_ on 11-03-2012, 22:44
Topic: Challenges
Tags: MSXdev

The king is dead, long live the king!

Legendly Nine gems - English

by Jorito on 10-03-2012, 21:36
Topic: Translations

Django and fukenko have teamed up and give you the English translation of Tecno soft's action RPG Legendly Nine Gems.

Japanese developer Aeria has released a remake of Falcom's classic RPG Sorcerian for iOS, featuring new high resolution graphics, a touch screen UI and 5 playable scenarios.

MSXdev - The End of an Era

by wolf_ on 10-03-2012, 18:38
Topic: Challenges
Tags: MSXdev

The yearly MSXdev contests. A successful concept, a yearly tradition. And now: a memory..

Retro gamer Strafefox surprises us again with a video review of another classic. This time it's a review of Konami's classic puzzle game King's Valley 2.

MSXdev'11 - Results

by wolf_ on 02-03-2012, 22:41
Topic: Challenges

The results of MSXdev'11 are in. "Veni, vidi, vici" said the Zombies!