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A game and a demo have been added to the #msxdev Compo 2012 line up.


by PAC on 29-11-2012, 20:32
Topic: Media

Spanish MSX magazine MSX AREA releases the 4th issue with 60 full color pages on the 42nd MSX RU in Barcelona this year.

The story of the Konami Code

by Jorito on 29-11-2012, 20:29
Topic: MSX Related

Dive into Konami's history and read about the early NES development teams and the creation of the Konami code.

TheGMI releases OneBigAlbum

by Latok on 29-11-2012, 19:57
Topic: MSX Related

The Game Music Initiative releases OneBigAlbum, a digital music compilation where seventeen talented game composers combine forces to support two charitable foundations.

Nerlaska refound his love for the MSX and suprises us with his Tenliner Challenge game Ball Bouncer.

Athletic Land 2 refound

by Jorito on 22-11-2012, 11:51
Topic: Software
Tags: nerlaska

A work-in-progress version of Nerlaska's sequel to Konami's Athletic Land was rediscovered.

Gazzeru announced

by Jorito on 21-11-2012, 20:53
Topic: Software
Tags: nerlaska

Nerlaska refound his nearly finished game Gazzeru and is tentatively looking into completing and publishing it.

The tenth Tenliner Challenge entry is a configurable Julia Fractal generator.

Participants to the #msxdev compo 2012 beware - registration to this "anything goes" MSX development competition closes in less than two weeks!

Jorito's Musical Journey

by Meits on 18-11-2012, 17:54
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Jorito

Now that he finished the music player, Jorito finally had time to clean up his room.

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