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The sixth entry in the MRC Tenliner challenge is Shangri-La, a demo for MSX2 and higher.

Entry 5 of the Tenliner Challenge has been submitted

ParlaBytes 2012

by JohnHassink on 02-11-2012, 17:33
Topic: Events

¡Ahora si! It's a big retro event in Madrid!

TheMysteryStudios strikes again.

ChessY2K for MSX

by JohnHassink on 02-11-2012, 16:04
Topic: Software

An open source chess program for MSX2.

An ambitious plan to rejuvenate a Konami classic.

Nerlaska's overhead run 'n' gun shooter in the vein of Knightmare hits the Steam Greenlight catalogue.

Navigate your space shuttle through dangerous lunar caverns!

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