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MSX composers can now start exploring TriloByte's TriloTracker - an upcoming PSG/SCC tracker for MSX2 and higher. Key features are multiple events per step and Moonblaster 1.4 import functionality.

Nerlaska's blog and the MSXArm wiki are now listed in the MSX Resource Center links collection.

MSX Invaders reannounced?

by snout on 31-12-2012, 13:22
Topic: Software

Nerlaska is back on track with another previously unfinished project. Originally announced for MSXDev'06, will this promising game see light of day in 2013?

Christmas Intro MSX 2012

by Pac on 31-12-2012, 13:02
Topic: Software

A Christmas demo by Spanish MRC user stephan, originally an Amstrad CPC 464 user.

Konamito found some Gradius 2 rearrangements by Japanese musician hsinohar@mioazu

Crisis Alma have released a free album full of heavy metal MSX arrangements.

Pixelsmil has published an extensive article on the making of Bubble Dream, an entry to the MRC Tenliner Challenge created in cooperation with Kotai.

Time for a new poll on this Christmas day. The era of beards has gone, the new poll is all about the number of Konami cartridges you possess.

Spanish MSX development group ASM have announced Losaben Akel, a remake of several MSX games for GFX9000 and MSX turboR.

Gradius - Arcade mod

by meits on 21-12-2012, 21:02
Topic: Remakes

Gradius is one of the Konami games that keeps getting updates. Now we can play the Arcade mod.

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