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Caverns of Titan by WYZ

by Jorito on 12-12-2012, 14:57
Topic: Music

MSX composer WYZ created a catchy PSG cover of the MSXdev'05 game Caverns of Titan main tune.

RetroMadrid 2013 announced

by Jorito on 12-12-2012, 12:12
Topic: Events

In 2013 RetroMatrid, Europe's largest retro gaming event, will be held on march 8, 9 and 10 in Madrid.

Mon Mon Monster - speed fix by GDX

by Jorito on 11-12-2012, 21:26
Topic: Software

MSX user GDX released a speed fix for Mon Mon Monster that optimizes display speed up to 20%.

New platformer Teodoro No Sabe Volar is the second entry to the MSXdev'12 challenge.

German TheMysteryStudios strikes again with a remake. This time it's Game Arts' Fire Hawk.

42nd MSXRU - Reminder

by Jorito on 09-12-2012, 15:17
Topic: Events

The final list of standholders and activities for the 42nd RUMSX meeting in Barcelona, Spain on December 15th has been announced.

M file manager 1.6

by Jorito on 09-12-2012, 15:02
Topic: Software

Korean MSX user sharksym updated the M file manager with fixes for the IMS music player.

El Mundo on La Abadía del Crimen

by Jorito on 09-12-2012, 14:46
Topic: Media

Spanish newspaper El Mundo dedicates an article to the 25th anniversary of La Abadía del Crimen.

Endless Fall is entry 13 in the Tenliner Challenge. In this game for MSX1 you prevent a falling man from crashing on the platforms as long as you can.

The London Rain Matrix game for all MSX computers is entry 12 in the Tenliner Challenge.

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