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Last weekend was the Nijmegen 2013 MSX fair, and a selection of photos of that event is now available for your enjoyment.

GCW-Zero openMSX and Kickstarter

by Vampier on 21-01-2013, 21:42
Topic: Emulation

GCW-zero open source homebrew and emulation running openMSX

Fresh from the dungeons of Trilobyte, the complete source code of Deep Dungeon!

MSXdev'13 announced

by viejo_archivero on 18-01-2013, 09:10
Topic: Challenges
Tags: MSXdev

MSXdev'13 has been officially opened and it is here again to bring you a new challenge!

Astrododge will be for sale on the upcoming Nijmegen fair and can be ordered online. To celebrate the release, Revival Studios organizes a highscore competition.

MIDI player for MIDI-PAC

by Jorito on 16-01-2013, 18:57
Topic: Music
Tags: Worp3, MIDI-PAC

Today WORP3 announced a MID file player for the MIDI-PAC.

CocoaMSX 1.0

by uberjack on 14-01-2013, 17:13
Topic: Emulation

CocoaMSX 1.0, a blueMSX-based emulator for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and higher, has been released.

Strafefox: Konami 80s and 90s montage

by Latok on 13-01-2013, 21:27
Topic: Media
Tags: Strafefox, Konami

Strafefox has added a Konami montage 80s and 90s video to his YouTube channel which has been picked up by Konami.

Invader? 1.0

by Retrofan on 12-01-2013, 19:56
Topic: Software
Tags: Invader?, JunSoft

JunSoft has released the first chapter of his game called Invader? - a variation on the all-time classic Space Invaders theme.

Nijmegen 2013 - reminder

by Manuel on 12-01-2013, 14:06
Topic: Events
Tags: Nijmegen

On January 19th the annual MSX fair in Nijmegen will be held. 15 stand holders have registered and announced their activities.

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