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Tritorn fix

by JohnHassink on 18-02-2013, 01:27
Topic: Software
Tags: fix, tritorn

A patch to fix a problem in the ROM version of this game which can cause it to crash.

MSX icon for CF/SD card

by JohnHassink on 18-02-2013, 00:55
Topic: MSX Related

Make it easier to find your CF/SD card on your PC with this MSX icon.

Download and video demonstration available.

Nerlaska's MSXdev'06 winning RPG begins a new life.

New floppy drive controller unveiled

by Pac on 17-02-2013, 17:34
Topic: Hardware
Tags: DIY

From Argentina comes a new FDD controller interface that supports 360 and 720kB floppies.

New MSX TAS videos

by Manuel on 16-02-2013, 19:17
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: TAS videos

Manuel Bilderbeek created some new TAS videos from some very popular MSX1 games.

Due to lack of community votes, there will be no final ranking and no winner for the #msxdev compo 2012.

Wozblaster is a new Moonsound compatible sound cartridge that you can build yourself with the help of freely available instructions and documentation.

NoWind - New batch?

by Jorito on 11-02-2013, 20:36
Topic: Hardware
Tags: Nowind

The Nowind interface creators are looking for interested buyers to start production of a new batch.

MSX-DOS girl updated

by Pac on 11-02-2013, 20:20
Topic: MSX Related

MSX-DOS girl, the cute Manga mascotte for Microsoft's Disk Operating System, is alive and kicking and has an updated site with new images.

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