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Quinpl patch

by NYYRIKKI on 17-03-2013, 12:48
Topic: Software
Tags: Bit2, ips, Patch

From Finland comes a fresh new IPS patch for Quinpl that allows MSX2 users to see the intro and speeds up loading on MSX2+ computers.

One Chip MSX casemod

by Jorito on 10-03-2013, 15:50
Topic: Hardware
Tags: OCM

Korean MSX user painkilla shows off his casemod for the One Chip MSX.

A roundup of the final 3 entries to Konamito's MSX-BASIC compo 2012.

MRC Download Charts - February 2013

by Jorito on 10-03-2013, 14:57
Topic: MRC

Better late than never, here are the download charts for February.

Koichiro's MGSDRV works updated

by Pac on 04-03-2013, 22:19
Topic: Music

Koichiro's MGSDRV works have been updated with new SCC+PSG compositions of chiptunes from MSX and other retro platforms.

MSX represented at the Atlanta VCF

by Maggoo on 04-03-2013, 22:11
Topic: Events
Tags: vintage, Retro

There is a Vintage Computer Fest in Atlanta in April and MSX will be represented for the very first time with an MSX booth hosted by SkyeWelse and Maggoo.

Play and compete in Bombermine, an online version of the classic game

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