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La Mulana available in Steam

by snout on 16-04-2013, 18:13
Topic: MSX Related

La Mulana is a game that clearly and openly celebrates the history of (Konami) MSX games. Now it's available on Steam Greenlight.

fMSX/Android 3.6.11

by snout on 15-04-2013, 00:23
Topic: Emulation
Tags: Android, fMSX

fMSX for Android gets State Exchange, 3D screenshot browser, MOGA gamepad support and various other improvements and fixes.

MSX.emu 1.5.10

by snout on 14-04-2013, 15:39
Topic: Emulation

MSX.emu, an MSX emulator for Android has recently received quite a few updates, an overview of the most important changes.

Drive head cleaning disk - DIY

by MSXPro on 14-04-2013, 10:58
Topic: Hardware

MSXPró describes how to clean your Floppy Disk Drive head in true MacGyver spirit, using an ordinary disk, coffee filters and some basic household tools.

FAT16 driver - OCM fix

by OeiOeiVogeltje on 13-04-2013, 14:44
Topic: Software
Tags: FAT16, Okei, Sharksym

Sharksym released a patch to the FAT16 driver that makes sure the driver only loads when necessary, preventing unusable filesystems.

Imanok released a small update to the King Kong 2 ultimate translation to make it more ultimate.

Spanish MSX group ASM released a preview movie of their Ghosts 'n Goblins remake for Graphics9000.

MSX models family slideshow

by Jorito on 11-04-2013, 21:54
Topic: Software
Tags: msx2, MSX2+, slideshow

From Spain comes a slideshow that shows 45 different MSX models, for MSX2 and MSX2+.

At the 2013 MSX fair in Nijmegen some of the openMSX members took some measurements of a V9938 using a logic analyzer. After analyzing this data, they figured out when exactly the VDP reads or writes VRAM for which purpose.

Haunted House TAS video

by Manuel on 03-04-2013, 23:23
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: TAS videos

A new TAS video of Eurosoft's Haunted House is available on

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