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[April Fools] An MSX-BASIC listing hidden in Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes announces the release of Enders Project in 2015

MRC Monthly Newsletter #03

by snout on 01-04-2014, 00:48
Topic: MRC
Tags: Newsletter

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Best Homebrew MSX Game megapoll [nominations]

by snout on 31-03-2014, 18:17
Topic: MRC
Tags: Megapoll

Which is the best Homebrew MSX Game relesased to date? We're going to find out in a brand new megapoll!

Nigoro secured the funding needed to develop a sequel to the Konami/MSX flavored platform game La Mulana by raising money on Kickstarter.

Flyguille released his complete graphics suite IDEGFX including its source code. The package contains a tiles & metatiles editor, sprite editor, map editor, metatiling chart editor and a toolkit to create your own graphics library.

fMSX/Android 3.8.1

by snout on 28-03-2014, 13:36
Topic: Emulation

fMSX/Android adds many new features and improvements once again, such as a realistic virtual keyboard, DropBox and GoogleTV support, rewind and slow-montion mode.

fMSX 3.8

by snout on 28-03-2014, 13:24
Topic: Emulation

fMSX 3.8 fixes the 5th sprite flags and adds proper support for cassette tape images.

The General Paxon PCT-50, Mitsubishi ML-TS2H and the Daisen Sangyo MX-2021 are deemed the rarest MSX computers by ASCII. Here's why.

Muffie's Tutankham & Conversions is a limited edition cartridge release of all Colecovision and SG-1000 conversions released by Muffie.

MSX Exhibit at the Atlanta VCFSE 2.0

by Maggoo on 24-03-2014, 13:37
Topic: Events

Like last year, MSX will be promoted during the VCFSE 2.0 on May 3rd and 4th in Atlanta, USA.

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