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Konami classics Vampire Killer and Knightmare have been released in Japanese retrogaming service Project EGG.

SpriteSX devtool v0.9.3b

by snout on 11-08-2014, 23:00
Topic: Development

The second release of SpriteSX features SC2 import/export and improvements that help organizing related data in a project.

MSX Tiles devtool v0.9b

by snout on 11-08-2014, 21:41
Topic: Development

MSX Tiles is a tile editor aimed at TMS9918 mode 2 with support for various file formats, compression and V9938 palettes.

unRLEWB is an ASM and C compatible decompression routine that can decompress 'Wonder Boy' style RLE.

Panochi Games created Operation Brazil World Cup at BITBITJam 2014 and received finalist position for best platform use.

Joytest v2.3a

by sd_snatcher on 07-08-2014, 00:09
Topic: Challenges
Tags: joytest, FRS

A new release of joytest adds support for MSX trackball, MSX touchpad and Sega Megadrive Multi-tap, as well as detection-only for the Arkanoid Paddle and various Sega Saturn devices.

RetroManiac#9, 304 pages of the best retro news. This time, the MSX system is the center of attention.

A vertically scrolling MSX shooter in development

An anime feature film with Konami's Pentaro in the leading role was released in 1985. Now, you can watch it on YouTube...

Batman - MSX2 remake announced

by snout on 03-08-2014, 23:49
Topic: Remakes

Thwapp! Zap! Kapow!!! AAMSX and FX Software announced an MSX2 remake of the 3D isometric action-adventure Batman with a flashy trailer.

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