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Penguin Adventure from Konami is available in the Japanese Virtual Console for Wii-U.

IDEGFX updated with BMP support

by flyguille on 03-08-2014, 00:11
Topic: Development

flyguille released an update for his complete graphics suite IDEGFX that now supports importing BMP images.


by KdL on 03-08-2014, 00:02
Topic: Challenges

DSKPRO 6.51 "Damn Good Graphic Interface Edition" has been released and contains a new graphic interface.

Tiny Yarou released an SG-1000 game loader for MSX-DOS in only 220 bytes

More stages for Eggerland Mystery

by mars2000you on 02-08-2014, 23:48
Topic: Software
Tags: Eggerland, HAL

Mars2000you created 160 new stages for Eggerland Mystery based off Eggerland Meikyuu no Fukkatsu - Revival of the Labyrinth.

Fuzzy Logic SCC Musix disk SCC patch

by Jorito on 02-08-2014, 23:40
Topic: Software

Lars18th created a patch for Fuzzy Logic SCC Music disk to make it compatible with the Flashrom SD.

CollectorVision announced a Sega Dreamcast remake of Hideo Kojima's classic Snatcher, based on the Sega CD version.

Meteor-M is working on an MSX compatible arcade board with dual HDMI that can be used stand-alone, as extension for MSX (resulting in 720p output) and for Industrial or embedded robotics applications with MSX as its time proven core.

Cipher, a Dante 2 RPG concept for MSX2, has been added to the downloads database.

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