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46th MSX RU Barcelona announced

by makinavaja on 28-10-2014, 18:47
Topic: Challenges

A users meeting with a lot of surprises

In May 2014 MSX was exhibited on the Good Game Show 2014 in Korea. Better late than never: a photoshoot!

openMSX in T-DOSE conference talk

by Manuel on 25-10-2014, 11:59
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: openMSX

Maarten ter Huurne, one of the main openMSX developers, is having a talk on the T-DOSE conference, a free and yearly event held in The Netherlands to promote use and development of Open Source Software.

MoonBlaster v1.4 BASIC driver update

by syn on 17-10-2014, 14:48
Topic: Development

An update of the MoonBlaster 1.4 driver for MSX-BASIC has been released.

A few bugfixes for your favourite unofficial-MSX-DOS-based operating system are here!

Strafefox added an MSX related movie to his Youtube account.

Unofficial MSX3 Logo final release

by KdL on 12-10-2014, 21:01
Topic: Development

KdL declares the final release of the Unofficial MSX3 Logo.

Radx-8 remake by Mystery Studios

by meits on 12-10-2014, 20:56
Topic: Music

Manuel Uhl took his time to spoil us with yet another great remake.

msd just released patches to run some Compile games on the OPL4 and MSX-Audio.

Takamichi scanned and published the entire MSX Turbo-R Technical Handbook.

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