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openMSX on the move

by Manuel on 28-06-2015, 15:21
Topic: Emulation
Tags: openMSX

The openMSX Team announced that they have moved their website, code and ticket system from

Xak 2 maps by Meits

by Jorito on 28-06-2015, 15:05
Topic: Software

MRC member Meits created full maps of all the locations in Xak 2.

Leonardo and Jaime Padial have started a joint development of a mechanical keyboard for the Panasonic MSX2+ and MSX turbo R computers.

F - 1 Spirit Ending by Mystery Studios

by meits on 22-06-2015, 20:20
Topic: Music

The ongoing project of Manuel Uhl has a new addition.

MSX Club Magazine history website

La Gaseta to organize workshop at RUMSX47

HispaMSX BBS upgraded with new features

Batman and Gauntlet for MSX2 available again at the MSX Cartridge Shop

XelaSoft releases low level FDC drivers under GPLv2

Bonami Spelcomputer Museum changes location

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