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MSX is one of the winners of "Repairs you can print" from Hackaday

Old New Stock #7: Gold Rush

by meits on 28-02-2018, 21:33
Topic: Software

Ran out of Fish in Penguin Adventure? Try this Old New Stock entry.

RECOIL 4.2.0 is out

by sd_snatcher on 20-02-2018, 23:37
Topic: MSX Related

A new version of the Retro Computer Image Library is available

C-BIOS 0.29 released

by Manuel on 18-02-2018, 23:14
Topic: Development
Tags: c-bios, openMSX

A new version of C-BIOS, the open source compatible BIOS for MSX machines has been released.

GR8CFG v0.74b

by syn on 13-02-2018, 20:49
Topic: Development

A new tool to configure your GR8NET

Proof that the Nijmegen Annual fair was real

Kai Magazine presents a Life On Mars spin-off for MSX2 with V9990

The seventh edition of homeputerium's BASIC ten-liners competition has been announced.

MSX Translations is back with an English patch.

Submitted Downloads January 2018

by ro on 01-02-2018, 19:58
Topic: MRC

New stuff stuffed in the MRC download DB to get stuffed on