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The wait is over. Nogalious, a new MSX1 platformer/puzzle game, is already here.

The thing's just getting better, here's a fresh cup 'o WebMSX for you!

Annual MSX fair in Nijmegen 2019

by hamlet on 16-01-2019, 19:54
Topic: Events

MSX Nijmegen 2019 - reminder

A new game for MSX2 with 128KB RAM and MSX-MUSIC.

Your C library free for download!

Use real MSX cartridges with your Raspberry Pi.

BBS has been upgrade with new features:

Metal Gear 2 retrospective on Kotaku

by hamlet on 13-01-2019, 16:28
Topic: Media

Where it all began

Enjoy a MSX meeting on a ship. A big ship.

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