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Construct faces like a madman and beat the highscore

MSXdev'18 #13 - PWND3

by MSXdev Team on 13-02-2019, 19:59
Topic: Challenges

The snake is back with a vengeance to PWN everything in sight

MSXdev’18 #12 - XRacing

by ro on 10-02-2019, 17:13
Topic: Challenges

It is racing time at MSXdev'18 with the 12th entry for this challenge

Join us for dinner at the Mercure hotel.

Nextor 2.1.0 beta 1 released

by konamiman on 08-02-2019, 17:33
Topic: Software

Nextor 2.1 just got as sweet as Nextor 2.0.5

Enjoy your favourite shooter now in English, too!

Do you dare to take up the challenge to a duel to the death?

MSX in the news with an article about the MSX Fair Nijmegen

Download Database Summary January 2019

by ro on 04-02-2019, 11:24
Topic: MRC

A summary of lasts month's activity on the MRC Download Database.

This online magazine is back again with the 8th issue.

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