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The definitive mix for all Nemesis 2 fans.

ANMA's Frantic sources on Github

by ro on 28-03-2021, 13:25
Topic: Development

Complete sources from the MSX game Frantic are available

Angelic Warrior DEVA Soundtrack (Update)

by meits on 25-03-2021, 00:17
Topic: Music
Tags: deva

The complete OST in mp3 format.
Now also all in one zip file.

Clube MSX Magazine #12

by mariocavalcanti on 22-03-2021, 12:05
Topic: MSX Related

Brazilian MSX magazine ready for pre-order

MSXdev21 Jury panel

by MSXdev Team on 21-03-2021, 19:32
Topic: Challenges

The jury panel for the MSXdev21 game contest has been assembled

Those who missed it get another chance

Vilzam translated

by Randam on 18-03-2021, 11:15
Topic: Translations

Yuichi Toyama's work before Herzog and Feedback.

PACO2 - Paco El Bombas Again

by ro on 15-03-2021, 09:13
Topic: Software

The bomb eating knight gets hungry.. again.

MSX SOUND ENHANCER by Lost Technology

by Pac on 14-03-2021, 19:37
Topic: Hardware
Tags: opll, MSX-MUSIC, PSG, SCC

A new expansion cartridge which improves the MSX sound output.

Goodbye Micromancers!

by ro on 14-03-2021, 14:06
Topic: Development
Tags: Micromancers

Exit, stage left for the company that brought us nothing but quality MSX games.

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