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Halloween stories

by hamlet on 30-10-2021, 17:22
Topic: Events

Spooky, but truth - Your MSX-inspired scary stories

FabF MSX Hardware

by ro on 27-10-2021, 11:22
Topic: Hardware

Treating your dearest with new shiny hardware

Soon available at your local dealer

New RPG released by NukegaraDHP: MinQ

by Randam on 23-10-2021, 07:43
Topic: Software
Tags: Homebrew, msx2, rpg

Explore dungeons, collect items, defeat the Demon

Uncensored Peach Up and Pink Sox longplays

by MP83 on 23-10-2021, 07:31
Topic: Media

Sit back and relax some stuff you dreamed of years ago.

Flashjacks firmware updated to Ver. 1.9

by Pac on 22-10-2021, 21:36 translated by Pac
Topic: Hardware

There have been significant changes since latest update.

Reserve your copy!

MSXdev21 Results

by MSXdev Team on 20-10-2021, 16:04
Topic: Challenges
Tags: msxdev21, MSXdev

The verdict is in!

Shopping at its best!

New MSX Single Cartridge Adapters

by ro on 10-10-2021, 13:53
Topic: Hardware

Convert extraordinary cartridge slots to regular ones

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