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Project EGG have added several new software titles to their lineup of re-released retro games. This time the PC-8801 game ArksRoad, the X68000 game Genocide and the Sega MegaDrive games Arcus Oddyssey and Valis: Fantasm Soldier were released.

ROMPackager for fMSX/S60 v1.02

by Sousuke on 17-10-2003, 16:37
Topic: Emulation

A new version of ROMPackager has been released.

The contents of the official MSX Magazine website have been changed completely. The website announces that, due to the extreme popularity of MSX Magazine 1 (more than 50.000 copies sold), it was easy to make the decision to make a second Magazine, which is scheduled to be hit the streets on December 3rd, 2003.

by Sander on 17-10-2003, 13:15
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

A while ago we reported about the Roadfighter and Maze of Galious remakes for the PC. Both these games are also on the Retro Remakes website. This website is largest game remakes community site on the internet.

Some time ago we already mentioned the possibility to pre-order MSX Magazine 2, which is due december the 2nd, at Amazon and Item-City.

MSX Banzai! - V9990 Programmers Manual added

by Unregistered user on 16-10-2003, 03:29
Topic: Development

Extending its development section, MSX Banzai! was updated today with a V9990 Programmers Manual. The author hopes it will be a valuable document for programming new GFX9000 games and applications. The Yamaha V9990 is the most advanced video chip for MSX computers.


by snout on 15-10-2003, 22:45
Topic: MSX Related

MSXForm, created by Tatsu allows you to format a 2DD floppy disk in Windows 9x, 2000 and XP. You can choose whether you want to format the disk with an MSX-DOS1 or MSX-DOS2 bootsector. Apart from fully formatting the disk you can also just modify the bootsector.

Outrun 2 - Splash wave song revisited

by snout on 15-10-2003, 18:56
Topic: Music

SEGA is about to release Out Run 2 for Microsoft Xbox.

fMSX for Series 60 v0.95

by Latok on 15-10-2003, 14:25
Topic: Emulation

It has happened. Juha Riihimäki has released a new version of his MSX emulator for Series 60 mobile phones, such as the Nokia 3650, the Nokia 7650, the Nokia N-Gage and the Nokia 6600. And this time, sound is supported! In an experimental stage, but still. The emulator is based on fMSX 2.7 source code.


by Sander on 15-10-2003, 09:39
Topic: Emulation

FMSXBOX is an MSX/MSX2/MSX2+ emulator for the X-Box.

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