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Ademir creates MEGA-IDE

by Bart on 27-01-2002, 14:07
Topic: Hardware

Ademir has created a MEGA-IDE cartridge which is a:

  • Memory Mapper (up to 4 MB)
  • Slot Expander
  • SCC/SCC+
  • ATA-IDE interface (including MSX-DOS2)
  • Disk controller

all in one cartridge.The price of this great cartridge is about $400,- which is ofcourse very affordable for a cartridge with this many features!A comp

Oss 2002 report

by Sander on 22-01-2002, 00:54
Topic: Events

Source: The MSX Resource Center

My Lancia car broke down the day before Oss, luckily I could get a Ford Ka for replacement by my local dealer, 10 minutes before closing time. Pfft.Next day, I had a rendez-vous at 07.30am with Bas Kornalijnslijper of MSX Club West Friesland. The place: a nearby highway petrol station.

File-Hunter (M.E.P.) back online?!

by Bart on 21-01-2002, 23:44
Topic: Websites

Source: (also known as M.E.P.) is preparing a comeback! This time the site seems to be runned by Generation MSX. seeks (co-)webmasters to run the site and make it the greatest collection of MSX emulators ever. But this cannot be done without your help!

Latest forum entries on frontpage

by Bart on 21-01-2002, 22:37
Topic: MRC

Source: The MSX Resource Center

We've added a block with the latest forum entries to the frontpage. If you see a discussion which interests you, just click on the topic. Note that you should be registered to participate in discussions.

Top sites offline.

by Bart on 21-01-2002, 21:29
Topic: MRC

Source: The MSX Resource Center

The Top sites experiment, which was initiated in April 2001 has been taken offline. Not only were the figures doubtful, to say the least, but too little webmasters found use for it. We're sorry for those webmasters who did use the system. Please don't forget to remove the top-sites banners from your websites And thanks for your participation.

Poll #13 results

by Bart on 21-01-2002, 15:39
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Source: The MSX Resource Center

Allright! After 322 votes we think it is time to wrap this poll up.

Retro Review Site Updated

by anonymous on 21-01-2002, 13:02
Topic: Websites

Hello all, Retro Review Site has just been updated, now we have our own forum and sample article for you to download.

MSX Radio update

by anonymous on 20-01-2002, 23:26
Topic: Websites

I've done another update to MSX Radio. It took me quite a few hours to record, but now it's added to the playlist: Fuzzy Logic's Muzax 3. Also some new Impact songs on the list Oh and btw you can download the Impact songs here:

MSX fair in Oss

by Sander on 18-01-2002, 13:01
Topic: Events

Hi, I have decided to visit Oss tomorrow and take a lot of my stuff which is for sale with me to Oss. About 80 cartridges left, so if you want to avoid shipping and look at the goods before buying go there tomorrow!Also, KIWI from has confirmed that he will be there too with his Pioneer PX MSX laserdisc computer and player.

Source: Kuniji IKEDA

Does anyone here remember the games from Ponyca? Sure you do.Anyway, these guys are into the music business nowadays, and Kuniji send me a Japanese video clip published by them. Really funny, so I couldn't keep this one for myself.

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