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MP3 Music

by Bart on 22-05-2000, 16:23
Topic: Music

New mp3 music links in the music section! All are rearranged themes from Falcom games.

Script Programmers Needed

by Bart on 22-05-2000, 16:13
Topic: MRC needs more people who can code ASP (vbscript or jscript). At this moment the maincoders (sander and bart) need help to get some new things online. So, if you have the skills, please mail to!

MSX Fair Bussum 2000

by Grauw on 22-05-2000, 16:12
Topic: Events

This year the Bussum fair will again be held, and the MSX Marathon will also get a successor.

Kick Ass Music Files!

by Bart on 21-05-2000, 15:18
Topic: Websites

Check out the Wolf Music Page. 6 unreleased MSX songs by Wolf. S3M files from, among others, Usas & Starship Rendez Vous. Check it out!

MIDI Music

by Sander on 21-05-2000, 15:06
Topic: Music

We added 4 new MIDI files to the MIDI section: Gradius II ending, Parodius Stage 3, Salamander Stage 4, and Konami Game Classics 3. These are all from the Gameboy versions. And, you can listen to these files with our MIDI player. We have also included the page of the maker to the MusicZone were you can download more than 200 gamemusic MIDI files. Enjoy!

New Music Links

by Sander on 21-05-2000, 12:08
Topic: Music

We have added two more links in the MusicZone section. Great rearranged Konami game music at Audiofind and the homepage of the maker, T-Kaz (here you will also find MIDI files).

Gradius Homepage

by Sander on 21-05-2000, 10:24
Topic: MSX Related

Hi everybody. Did you know that Konami Japan has a Gradius homepage? Check it out at There is an awesome rendered image of Vic Viper there.


by Sander on 18-05-2000, 13:30
Topic: MRC

Read the MSX.ORG FAQ in the left menu to get answers to your questions!

New MSX computer?

by snout on 17-05-2000, 11:59
Topic: MSX Revival

ASCII & Panasonic have plans to create a new MSX computers. As far as I know, specifications will not be much better than MSX turboR, but still.... is BACK

by Bart on 17-05-2000, 00:01
Topic: MRC

Hi Guys! Welcome back to a new and fresh MSX.ORG! I hope you like what Sander and I did to the old site. A lot of things changed, but in a good way. At least that's what I think. I really hope you all are going to enjoy the new site. With all of its new functionalities you should be able to interact with this site AND other MSX users.

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