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by Bart on 27-11-2001, 21:50
Topic: MRC

Apologies for the broken news posting script everyone. We hadn't noticed it yet! It's working again. Please keep up telling us malfunctions, your ideas, etc. We appreciate it!

ZANAC - new versions by Compile

by Sander on 14-11-2001, 12:42
Topic: MSX Related

Source: Compile website

Compile has announced two new installments of the Zanac series. For a PDA with PalmOS and a color display you can buy the classic MSX Zanac version online. There's also a demo version wich you can download.

Generation MSX updates

by snout on 09-11-2001, 16:15
Topic: Websites

A lot of updates recently @ generation MSX. You can now view the software history of Bit2, Wolfteam, Riverhill and Telenet!

MSX Jau 2001 report

by snout on 08-11-2001, 12:07
Topic: Events

Source: Active MSX/Kuniji Ikeda

You can find a small photo-report on MSX Jau 2001 on this website.

fMSXSO 0.90

by anonymous on 27-10-2001, 09:33
Topic: Emulation

Version 0.90 of fMSXSO

This new version is a great step for a easier use of this MSX2+ emulator, with modulable MIDI for FM-PAC emulation and modulable keyboard emulation. It includes now configurations menus ! For this emulator, you must install DirectX 8.0 and work in High Color Mode.

Another HansO web page update

by msxhans on 26-10-2001, 20:45
Topic: Websites

Hi,I spent some of my holiday time to bring you yet another HansO web update:

  • SVI 2000C Robotarm userguide
  • Z80 instruction set (Leventhal book) first part with register and flag description, addressing modes, overview, list of instructions
  • Z80 instruction set (Leventhal book) second part with detailed description of instructions
  • Z80/8080 compatibility (Leventhal book

The domain has disappeared because it was only a namezero's free domain. Now, my page Xenon Soft. S.I. will be in this url:

The page will be updated soon!!

Imanok MSX Site english version

by Imanok on 25-10-2001, 12:11
Topic: Websites

I've made an english version of my site so that all you can enjoy it. You'll find information about all my games and it's possible to download some stuff.I hope you enjoy it!

Visit Imanok's MSX Site:

Hi,Bas Kornalijnslijper informed me that new photos of their MSX auction day are online. Also, their latest information magazine is available for download (Dutch only).

Please visit their website at:

Report of the visit to Club MESXES

by Sander on 23-10-2001, 18:01
Topic: MRC

During my stay at Mallorca I also had a diner and meeting with some guys from MSX Club MESXES: Saver, his girlfriend Chiho, Mazinger Z, Ramoni and Marcelino. On Friday night we ate in a traditional local restaurant. I and my brother who was with me had a local specialty: snails. The food was strange but good, just like my new friends.

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