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MSX Downloads Charts - April 2007

by snout on 02-05-2007, 10:30
Topic: MRC

It's May 2007 already, and we're a tad late with our monthly MSX Downloads Charts - our monthly overview of which files from our freeware downloads corner have been downloaded the most in the past month.

AAMSX have updated the RUs Anteriores section of their website with a photo shoot of the 31st MSX Users Meeting in Barcelona which was held last Saturday.


by hamalech on 29-04-2007, 10:50
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

MSX café, The café for crazy MSX fans, has launched a drawing competition of unreleased MSX games from Konami in which you have to create the design of the box for these never released Konami MSX games: Action Boat,

MSX demo: Utopia

by dvik on 29-04-2007, 10:18
Topic: Software

On April 28th, Daniel Vik and Vincent van Dam released a new MSX1 demo. The demo is called Utopia and is the sequel of MSX Unleashed.

Arcade joystick for MSX

by Ivan on 26-04-2007, 20:58
Topic: Hardware

novi^skt has announced that he has produced an arcade joystick for MSX inspired by the Telemach Professional, an extremely robust arcade joystick for home computers produced and sold in Spain in the late eighties.

MSXdev'07 - Sphere Redux announced

by viejo_archivero on 24-04-2007, 22:45
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

The MSXdev'07 organizers have just notified us of the second announced entry for the MSXdev'07 competition: Sphere Redux. Little is known about this game for the moment, other than a couple of screenshots, including one showing the gameplay.

After the release of Legend Of Heroes: Sora no Kiseki, chapter 1 & 2 for PC, Falcom announces the release of chapter 3 in this series.

I am 8 bit

by snout on 23-04-2007, 00:05
Topic: MSX Related

From April 17th to May 12th Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles, USA has a very special collection of art: I am 8 bit.

fMSX-PSP 3.1.1

by snout on 22-04-2007, 23:58
Topic: Emulation

Eighbits has released an MSX emulator for Sony PSP based on fMSX 3.1.

GP2X-MSX 1.0.1

by snout on 22-04-2007, 23:53
Topic: Emulation

GP2X is a new MSX emulator for the Korean GP2X handheld console. Based on fMSX-SDL, this initial release already offers a nice MSX gaming experience.

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