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SjASM v0.39d

by sjoerd on 21-08-2004, 18:10
Topic: Development

There's a new release of SjASM, the xl2s Z80 cross assembler for PC. New in this version:

  • Fixed a structure initialization bug
  • DZ and ABYTEZ directives to define null terminated strings
  • Some LD, LDI and LDD 'instructions
  • And, as always, some minor bugfixes


by snout on 20-08-2004, 13:54
Topic: Development

After the huge success of the MRC and MSXdev competitions, another MSX related development contest has just been introduced: ILAC'04, the InterNestor Lite Applications Contest. The objective? To write applications for InterNestor LIte. The prize?

MESS 0.85

by snout on 19-08-2004, 22:26
Topic: Emulation

Both the Unix and Windows version of MESS, the Multiple Emulator Super System have been updated to version 0.85. With MESS it is possible to emulate a wide range of homecomputers and consoles, including several MSX configurations.


by msxgamesbox on 19-08-2004, 22:15
Topic: Websites

For the 3rd consecutive year, The MSX Games bOX is organising a Wallpaper contest renamed MSXart '04.

ObsoNET website online

by Latok on 19-08-2004, 20:08
Topic: Hardware

A few days ago, we reported about ObsoNET, an ethernet card for MSX. ObsoNET will be a 10Base-T card, Konami cartridge sized and with a RJ45 connector.

Symray_scopio has released a new MP3/real recording of a song he created on MSX. The song is called 'Thing over the destruction' and can be found on this website.

MSX IPS Patch Archive

by BiFi on 19-08-2004, 13:18
Topic: Websites

Today an MSX IPS Patch Archive has been opened where IPS Patch files for MSX games can be downloaded.

Metal Gear fans all around the world have been waiting for a re-release of the original, first MSX2 release of Metal Gear 1 (Konami, 1987) ever since Metal Gear Solid was released on Sony Playstation one.

MSX in the Media: 20th and 21st nominee

by snout on 18-08-2004, 17:10
Topic: Media

Both Brazilian newspapers O dia and O globo have reported on the upcoming MSXRio meeting which hill be held on the 27th, 28th and 29th of August. Ricardo Jurczyk Pinheiro spotted it and sent us an e-mail about it.

Sink king wins MSXdev'04

by snout on 17-08-2004, 11:06
Topic: Development

Nestor Soriano has completed juring the MSXdev'04 entries. The results of the MSXdev'04 contest have just been announced on the HispaMSX mailinglist by Eduardo Robsy, the organizer of the challenge.

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