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Don't Cock It Up Review

by msxgamesbox on 05-01-2004, 12:21
Topic: Websites

The MSX Games Box has again reviewed an MSX game. This time, it is Matra's Don't Cock It Up, an amazing Tetris clone. Read the full review on their webpage.

Relevant link:Don't Cock It Up Review

MSX Fairs and Meetings list updated

by snout on 04-01-2004, 23:21
Topic: Events

We have just updated the Fairs and Meeting list with meetings that will be held this year, organized by MSX Vriendenclub Mariënberg and HCV De Amsterdammer. We also added a Japanese MSX meeting in South Kanto.

If you have the chance to come, consider visiting Oss in two weeks.

With a bit more than a day to go until the challenge closes, the submissions are getting in very quickly. Yesterday, we added Snowhite and Xmas by DarkStone, today we added Merii Kurisumasu and...

Merii Kurisumasu, Japanese for Merry Christmas (who said Japanese was hard? :P), is the 14th contribution to the MRC Snowfall Challenge. Alfonso D.C. created a nice looking MSX1 demo with a logo and a snow-effect.

English MNBIOS programmers manual

by flyguille on 04-01-2004, 20:12
Topic: Websites

Flyguille has published the MNBIOS programmer's manual written in English. It consists of 8 pages right now, but Flyguille will translate some pages everyday.

Also on the official MNBIOS website a simple electronic diagram of the hardware MSX4 according to Flyguille can be seen. So that the experts can develop and manufacture this hardware.

Meridian 3.0 beta3

by Latok on 04-01-2004, 01:42
Topic: Software

On their new and improved webpage, MIDIphonics have released a new version of Meridian, a MIDI sequencer for MSX2 and higher with at least 512kbyte RAM, DOS2 and a MIDI controller such as the Philips Music Module or the Panasonic turboR FS-A1 GT built-in MSX-MIDI.

Meridian can play and edit Standard MIDI Files (*.MID-files).

Utilities by Arno Dekker

by snout on 04-01-2004, 01:04
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

A few days ago we added two games created by Arno Dekker to our downloads database.

Today we received yet another entry to the MRC Snowfall Challenge. This one is created by a new dutch group called DarkStone. This demo was created in BASIC and si accompanied by a nice Moonsound song.

Joram van Hartingsveldt (ntfaDaedalus) has just sent us an entry for the MRC Snowfall Challenge. This time, the entry is coded in BASIC. The nice snow effect is accompanied by some Moonsound songs created in Moonblaster Wave. At boot, the demo randomly selects one out of four songs.


by snout on 02-01-2004, 22:06
Topic: Development

Ricardo Bittencourt sent us a little tool for addition to our downloads database. SCR2GRP can convert Spectrum graphics (.SCR) to MSX format (.GRP). It comes with an MS-DOS executable, but should be easy to port to other Operating Systems as well. The C source code is included.

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