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Most underrated MSX game [nominations]

by snout on 02-04-2004, 16:23
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

After a suggestion by Wolf on our forums, we decided we had to start a new mega-poll: a search for the most underrated MSX game around. There are a lot of MSX games out there, and due to the immense popularity of games like SD-Snatcher, Metal Gear and other MSX masterpieces, some tend not to get the attention they deserve. Now, the time has come to set things straight.

MSX Downloads top 10, April 2004

by snout on 01-04-2004, 02:59
Topic: MRC

The time has come to have a look at the most popular files in the MSX Resource Center Downloads Database once again. These are the 10 most downloaded files, counting since we started our database (or added the files to it):

  • 01.

MRC Under Water Challenge

by Latok on 29-03-2004, 23:35
Topic: MRC
Tags: Challenges

Here we go again! You all remember our Snowfall Challenge. With many cool prizes and an independant juror, Wammes Witkop, the challenge turned out to be a huge success, resulting in 25 new MSX demo's in just 6 weeks.

MRC adds RSS feeds for forums and reactions

by snout on 29-03-2004, 23:31
Topic: MRC

Two days ago we opened an RSS newsfeed, allowing our visitors to add the latest MSX news to their websites, desktops or PDA's. As of today we also offer RSS feeds with the latest forum posts and reactions.

The MSX Tribe opens its doors

by Latok on 29-03-2004, 22:47
Topic: Websites

Music! It's definitely one of the most talked about aspects of the MSX scene. Somehow, MSX seems to be a perfect computer to express musical creativity. As a result of this, there is a huge variety of soundchips- and software available for MSX.

The MSX Tribe is a new website which is entirely dedicated to MSX music.

Final Lap - intro video demo

by snout on 29-03-2004, 22:30
Topic: Software

Right after launching a website and releasing some Super Puzzle Fighter 2x graphics, Karoshi Corporation releases another quick peek at one of their upcoming products: the Final Lap. On their website you can download a part of the introdemo of this upcoming racing game.

Super Puzzle Fighter 2x - Graphic demo

by snout on 29-03-2004, 19:53
Topic: Software

Karoshi Corporation have released a small graphical demo of their upcoming game Super Puzzle Fighter 2, showing the two fighters in action. The demo can be downloaded in the projects section of their website.

Tilburg 2004 - Standholders

by snout on 29-03-2004, 19:43
Topic: Events

CGV Tilburg have restyled and updated their website, adding extra information on the upcoming Tilburg 2004 meeting. According to their list, the following standholders will have a booth on the fair:

  • Bitwise
  • B.T.

Progetto Edicola - Link added

by snout on 29-03-2004, 19:37
Topic: Websites

Progetto Edicola is an Italian retro-computing website focusing on the preservation of computer magazines from the 80's and 90's. On the website you can find many scans and pictures, but most importantly a database catalogue containing hundreds of magazines.

Moonblaster song remake

by Latok on 29-03-2004, 16:30
Topic: Music

Source: Low_Profile

In the early 90s, it was trendy to release musicdisks. Both FAC Soundtracker and Moonblaster were very popular trackers for the MSX-MUSIC and/or MSX-AUDIO soundchips.

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