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Match Maniac freeware

by snout on 26-12-2003, 02:51
Topic: Software

Maggoo and Sunrise surprise the MSX Community with a pleasant christmas gift: the Abbyss game Match Maniac has been declared freeware. On Maggoo's website you can download the game and its manual.

More freeware MSX downloads

by snout on 26-12-2003, 02:43
Topic: Software

Thanks to Benoît Delvaux of Marsupone and MSX Valley we were able to add some interesting downloads to our freeware downloads database today.

FMPSG preview disc MP3's

by snout on 26-12-2003, 01:15
Topic: Music

FMPSG is a Japanese chip music club, who have just released a 'preview disc'. This CD will be sold at the Japanese comic/cult shop Comic Market 65. On the CD you will find 19 songs, of which several were created on MSX.

Asia in Amsterdam

by Sander on 24-12-2003, 00:10
Topic: Photo shoots

With all those MSX users flying off to Japan lately, I thought it would be nice to find some nice Japanese / MSX related places in my own town to spend some time at and share the good places with you.

Jussi Pitkänen (also known as ccfg) sent us the ninth entry to the MRC Snowfall Challenge today. His entry shows 192 snowflocks falling on any MSX1 computer. The assembly source code is included, so you could have a look at them and see how Jussi did all this.

MSX Hinter - link added

by snout on 23-12-2003, 22:36
Topic: Websites

We found a link to a website that wasn't listed in our downloads database yet on MSX Posse. The MSX Hinter website offers hints to many MSX games in both Dutch and English.

MSXpro updated

by snout on 23-12-2003, 22:20
Topic: Photo shoots

The Brazilian MSX website MSXpro was updated with several photo shoots of recent MSX fairs MSX Jaú and MSX Rio. Some information on upgrading Brazilian MSX computers was added as well.

MSX DevCon'03 report and photo shoot

by snout on 23-12-2003, 22:17
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

A little more than a week ago the first edition of MSX DevCon was held. During this day several Dutch MSX developers gathered in a place called Noordscheschut. Maarten van Strien (a.k.a.

Larsthe18th of Cinic systems sent us a Christmas demo today, which is the eighth entry to the MRC Snowfall Challenge. This demo is accompanied by several songs created in FAC Soundtracker.

Japanese Freeware Downloads added

by snout on 23-12-2003, 11:40
Topic: Software

Today we added some nice Japanese freeware products to our ever growing downloads database:


  • Ballout is an addictive puzzle game.

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