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Earlier this week, we reported about the MSX Game Reader production process being finished. At the website of Gigamix Online you can now take a look at the first pictures of this new device.

Metal Gear 1 theme song remake by Wolf

by wolf_ on 26-03-2004, 13:27
Topic: Music

2003 was the year of the spontanious burst of remakes of msx game-music, by multiple composers. After a sudden 'break' of many months, Wolf releases the first re-arrangement of 2004. This time the well-known maintheme from Metal Gear 1, one of Konami's most popular classics, was elevated from 3 humble PSG channels to a massive orchestral arrangement.

Mega Flash ROM website in English

by Guillian on 26-03-2004, 09:06
Topic: Websites

The Mega Flash ROM is a cartridge which holds a flash memory. Together with other characteristics, it is an ideal storage device for .ROM-files. There is even an SCC version available.

ASCII ships Game Readers and MSXPC

by snout on 24-03-2004, 17:25
Topic: MSX Revival

It has been a while ago since we reported about the ASCII MSX Store on which more than 3800 MSX Game Readers and more than 250 MSXPC's were sold. As of today the production process has been finished. The new MSX hardware goodies are now being shipped to their new owners.

Nemesis poll closed, Assembler poll up.

by snout on 24-03-2004, 01:21
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

On February 10th we started a frontpage poll about the Konami Nemesis saga, in search for the best game in this saga. This poll was won, with a distance, by Salamander. Here are the full results of the poll:

  • 1. - Salamander (27.60%)
  • 2. - Nemesis 2 (22.95%)
  • 3. - Nemesis 1 (20.49%)
  • 4. - Nemesis 3 (17.49%)
  • 5.

MSX BSB 2004

by snout on 24-03-2004, 01:07
Topic: Events

For the first time in six years, for the fourth time in history the Brazilian MSX users meeting MSX BSB will be held. From April 16th to April 18th MSX users can enjoy three days of new hardware, new software, lectures and demonstrations, gaming and nostalgia. The MSX meeting will be held in Cultural Center Renato Russo, Brasilia, Brazil.

Pasmo 0.3.3

by snout on 23-03-2004, 01:28
Topic: Development

Source: MSX BR-L mailinglist

Pasmo is a portable Z80 Assembler which can output its code in various formats as RAW binary, Intel HEX and MSX BLOAD. Yesterday a new version of this cross-compiler was released. On the Pasmo website you can find a Windows binary and C++ source code.

Correction on MCWF Meeting

by Latok on 22-03-2004, 21:58
Topic: Events

A couple of days ago, we reported about the upcoming MCWF meetings in the Netherlands. The first meeting was scheduled for the 22nd of may 2004. The people behind the MCWF have contacted us though to tell us a clerical error has been made.

The first MCWF meeting won't take place on the 22nd of may 2004 but on the 5th of june 2004.

MRC moves and restyles again!

by snout on 22-03-2004, 02:34
Topic: MRC

For various reasons we decided it was time to pack our bags and move to another host once again. We have now settled down at a fresh, new hosting location and hope it can fullfill our hosting needs for a long period of time to come. As we speak DNS records all over the world are updating their records. It can take up to two days until they are directing all our visitors to the right IP adress.

Kandahar's homepage - link added

by Ivan on 21-03-2004, 00:53
Topic: Websites

Today we've added a link to Kandahar's homepage, a web site in Spanish dedicated to King's Valley II.

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