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EGG releases Mid-Garts

by Bart on 03-03-2004, 21:29
Topic: MSX Revival

Project EGG re-released the MSX 2+ game Mid-Garts recently. This game was originally published by WolfTeam in 1989.

MSX Viewer 4 bugfixes

by Bart on 03-03-2004, 21:10
Topic: Development

A couple of days ago, we already posted about the release of MSX Viewer 4.0. Yesterday a bugfixed version 4 of this PC tool to load, edit and convert MSX pictures to different screen modes was released. To grab this updated version please visit the English MarMSX website.

fMSX-SDL 2.7 openGL

by snout on 03-03-2004, 01:48
Topic: Emulation

Rafael Jannone released a modified version of the popular MSX emulator fMSX-SDL today. This emulator, so far only available for Linux, uses openGL, adding bilinear interpolation and fullscreen support.

Ancient Ways

by snout on 03-03-2004, 00:31
Topic: Music

Carlos Lima sent us an FM-PAC Moonblaster song he created a while ago, called Ancient Ways. The file has been added to our downloads database. Do you want to share your creations with the MSX Community as well?

Rambo Plus

by snout on 02-03-2004, 23:49
Topic: Software

Ricardo Bittencourt created a patch for the Pack-In Video game Rambo. He felt it was a shame that this great game had only a simple monochrome titlescreen.

MSX Freeware Downloads Top 10, March 2004

by snout on 02-03-2004, 16:58
Topic: MRC

Every month we have an overview of the 10 most downloaded files from our freeware downloads database, which now contains more than 450 files ready to be downloaded. Here goes:

MSX Review opens English section

by snout on 01-03-2004, 23:27
Topic: Websites

Last month we reported about MSX Review, a new online Spanish MSX magazine, available freely in PDF format. As of today, MSX Review also offers information available in English. In the English section you can read summaries and translations of articles in the Spanish PDF magazine.

Japangames and Akebono - Links added

by snout on 01-03-2004, 23:24
Topic: Websites

Today we added the links to two websites of Loek van Kooten, former member of MSX-Engine. Part of the people behind MSX-Engine continued with Engine Software, Loek van Kooten started his translation agency called Akebono Translation Service.

5 BASIC games

by snout on 29-02-2004, 16:36
Topic: Software

Today we added 5 BASIC games created by Guillermo R. Flook, the author of MNBIOS, to our downloads database.

Wolfenstein 3D on MSX?

by snout on 28-02-2004, 23:05
Topic: Software

Ever since the very first first-person shooter, people have been wondering: Can MSX do something like this, too?. It resulted, for instance, in this theory on Doom engines on MSX.

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