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MSX Fair Oss 2004 reminder and banner

by Bart on 10-12-2003, 22:58
Topic: Events

Every year, just a couple of weeks after newyear, MSX NBNO hosts their "newyears" MSX fair. Keeping up with tradition, MSX NBNO opens the fair doors on Saturday the 17th of January 2004.

Fuzzy Logic downloads added

by snout on 10-12-2003, 20:15
Topic: Software

Today we have added several demo's created by the Dutch demo group Fuzzy Logic.

MSX Maps - link added

by snout on 10-12-2003, 19:29
Topic: Websites

Today we added a link to a site that appeared in our forums. Over here you can find maps to the following MSX Games: Metal Gear 1, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, War of the Dead 2, King Kong 2, Cross Blaim and Space Fiction of Violence (Dixdeaf).

MSX DevCon '03

by snout on 10-12-2003, 19:12
Topic: Events

This saturday the first MSX Developers Meeting will take part in Noordscheschut (near Hoogeveen), Netherlands. During this day active MSX Developers from the Netherlands will gather to talk, impress and develop all day. If you want to attend this meeting you can sign up in this forum thread.


by Arjan on 10-12-2003, 15:43
Topic: Development

When developing programs for MSX, Team Bomba always uses a custom utility called makelib to package all files into one big library file.

3.000 Game Readers sold!

by snout on 10-12-2003, 11:17
Topic: MSX Revival

As of today, more than 3.000 MSX Game Readers were sold in the ASCII MSX Store. This means that these USB ROM Cartridge readers will actually be produced and sold for a price of 12.500 yen (about 95 euro).

Konami licenses YS6

by Latok on 09-12-2003, 09:18
Topic: MSX Related

YS6 -The Arc Of Napishtim- currently is the most popular RPG for the PC platform in Japan.

blueMSX 1.0.5

by dvik on 08-12-2003, 09:36
Topic: Emulation

A new version of blueMSX is released. Shimanuki Koshi sent in a list of bug reports and feature requests, translated from japanese forums. This release also includes SLotmans scale 2x feature and zip support based on his work even though it looks quite different.

by Sander on 07-12-2003, 16:16
Topic: MSX Related
Tags: Remakes

If you're in to retro game playing, check out

On november 26th our reporter Sander Zuidema took a plane to Tokyo Narita. Over there he would meet many Japanese MSX users before, during and after the two big MSX events that were held on November 30th: MSX Magazine Matsuri and MSX Waku Waku Park. As of today, you can have a look at the pictures Sander took during those days.

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