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Project EGG have released the game Kohaku for both Windows PC's and PocketPC. There are now about 100 MSX games for sale again on this Engrossing Game Gallery webshop.

MSX Calendar on sale in ASCII-Store

by snout on 03-12-2003, 01:52
Topic: MSX Revival

About 5 weeks ago ASCII started selling MSX gear in their ASCII MSX Store. As of today, a new MSX item is available at ASCII, being the MSX Calendar designed by Kazuoki Ono, who also designed the cover of MSX Magazine 2.

SjASM v0.38

by Bart on 01-12-2003, 19:33
Topic: Development

A new version of SjASM, the crossassembler, is available. New in version 0.38 are RLC, RRC, RL, RR, SLA, SRA, SLL (SLI), RES and SET undocumented instructions. Also some minor bugs have been fixed.

Relevant link:

In this newspost we have informed you about the MSXPC and the MSX Game Reader.

The MSXPC (20th anniversary edition) is a computer of which all components (motherboard, harddisk, memory etc.) are fit into the keyboard. The machine comes with a ROM cartridge connector and runs MSXPLAYer.

blueMSX 1.0.4

by ani on 30-11-2003, 22:49
Topic: Emulation

A new version of blueMSX is released.

A multicolor sprite editor is now online. It is written in Javascript, so you can use it online from any internet browser. The result is a BASIC program that displays your sprite ("DATA" option), or alternatively you can get the data for a machine language program ("DB" option). Have fun!


New playlist MSX Radio

by Latok on 28-11-2003, 12:05
Topic: Music

Over the last months, MSX Resource Center has organised massive MSX game song polls. The climax of this megapoll has to be reached still: you can vote on the frontpage for your most favourite MSX game tune.

The MSX game song polls have been done in close co-operation with Omega's MSX Radio.

BRMSX 3.0.f

by mars2000you on 28-11-2003, 01:15
Topic: Emulation

Ricardo Bittencourt has released a new version of his emulator especially conceived for Windows.

New Spanish MSX Magazine

by chaos on 27-11-2003, 18:33
Topic: MSX Related

In november, at the XXIV Barcelona MSX Meeting, a new MSX magazine has been released. This magazine, named CALL MSX is printed on high quality A4-size paper. The cover is printed in full-color, which gives it a professional look.

Source: [D]J

Recently, we reported about the release of MESS v0.77, the Multiple Emulator Super System for both win32 and *NIX. In this emulator, the MSX and MSX2 systems are also supported. MESS is based on MAME.

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