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MSX C tutorial

by snout on 21-02-2004, 18:25
Topic: Websites

A special MSX C tutorial was just added to MarMSX, which already contained interesting Pascal and ASM tutorials. If you would like to learn how to code your MSX these tutorials are very interesting, despite the fact they are only available in Portuguese.

MESS 0.79

by Bart on 21-02-2004, 13:49
Topic: Emulation

New versions of MESS for Win32, *nix and DOS were released a few days ago. MESS stands for Multiple Emulator Super System, and is capable of emulating many different computer systems, including MSX.

Emulatronia published a small, yet easy to understand, tutorial on how to use openMSX and Catapult for openMSX.

Near Dark music disks

by snout on 20-02-2004, 07:59
Topic: Music

We just added two new files to our ever growing downloads database.

SjASM v0.39

by sjoerd on 19-02-2004, 15:03
Topic: Development

A new version of SjASM, a Z80 assembler for PC, was just released.

Fudeba MSX Disassembler 0.9

by snout on 19-02-2004, 14:53
Topic: Development

This monday we reported about Fudeba MSX Disassembler, a new Z80/MSX development tool for PC with 4 different modes to disassemle Z80/MSX source code.

In this new version several mnenomics were corrected and, most importantly, a Linux Binary was added.

Today we added the following files to our downloads database:

MSX Review 1

by snout on 19-02-2004, 13:48
Topic: Websites

Manel Collado and Javier Pérez have started a new online MSX initiative: MSX Review. On this website they will bring the latest MSX news in Spanish by releasing full-colour magazines in PDF format.

Help for Spectrum games

by mars2000you on 18-02-2004, 09:02
Topic: MSX Related

Many Spectrum games have been converted for the MSX computer.

Cassette deck for PC

by djh1697 on 17-02-2004, 13:23
Topic: Hardware

The Korean company BTO (Beyond the Ordinary) have created an internal cassette deck player for PC, called Plusdeck. It can be used to play music but, if we're not mistaken also to store (small) files, just like in the old days.

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