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new MSX Print from Ikeda

by Sander on 28-06-2001, 00:37
Topic: Websites

Hi all,Alex Wulms posted a new version of Ikeda’s MSX print online. Here is a short summary:

More news about Nishi and ASCII corporation. Announcement of `MSX Assembly in Nagoya` fair. Announcement about `MSX DENYU LAND 2001` fair. It is subsidised and will take two days. Correction of previous news about Intent. Background info on need for 1-chip-MSX.


by MSX Resource Center on 20-06-2001, 21:50
Topic: Websites

The New MSX Web is now online! You can visit the beta versions at

Kind Regards,
Jeroen Küppers.

MSX is 18 years old!

by anonymous on 11-06-2001, 20:54
Topic: MRC

Congrats to all MSX users! Rafael (MSX Power Replay) told us a couple of days ago of the upcoming birthday of MSX. Today it is the 17th of June 2001, which makes MSX 18 years old! Have another fine MSX year you all!


by anonymous on 10-06-2001, 18:35
Topic: Music

Hello people!Finally we finish DORAMUS (A Drum machine for MSX Turbo-R). Now we have a DORAMUS home page to show the MSX users how to make one. We are waiting you here: Doliclar Games Bye!

Alex Wulms added the Ikeda’s latest MSX print to his MSX site "The MSX Plaza", which can be found here MSX Plaza.

New X-drivers for fMSX 2.4

by Bart on 05-06-2001, 15:07
Topic: Emulation

Arnold Metselaar made improved X-drivers for version 2.4 of fMSX. It’s available on the web at

The MSX Games Box and Mars Up One have conducted an interview with an engineer who worked in the MSX R&D Department of Konami based in Sacramento, CA.There is some interesting information revealed on Konami?s vision of the MSX from 1988 to 1993 and about the design of the Custom Sound Chip

GEM v0.7 released

by snout on 01-06-2001, 01:09
Topic: Software
Tags: Utilities

Patriek Lesparre said:

’Even though I said last version would be final, I got a sudden rush of inspiration. Today I present the product of my work in the last 2 months: GEM v0.7

The most significant new feature in this release is DYNAMIC RECOMPILATION!

Old poll closed, new poll online!

by Grauw on 01-06-2001, 00:51
Topic: MRC
Tags: Polls

Well, it’s time for a new poll, so we’ve closed the old one.

MSX Hans updates

by Bart on 27-05-2001, 14:37
Topic: Websites

Everyone seems to be updating their sites lately: GOOD! WinkMSX Hans has updated his site too, he uploaded new user manuals, service manuals, Toshiba Music system, Second drive for Turbo R to his site.He has some plans for the future too and would like some help on info.

Check his site at:

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