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About once every two months, the remaining MSX users from in and around Tokyo gather in Kawasaki city for a friendly chat and to catch up with the latest MSX developments. About two weeks ago, on February the 29th 2004, another meeting took place. This day featured an attempt of a MSX user to measure his collection in meters, a demonstration of the rare Konami MSX game A1 Grand Prix, and the first public introduction of the MSX Game Reader.

I arrived early at Akihabara station and was browsing through my simple Japanese for beginners book when Bernard arrived at the station as well. As we had agreed to meet with Bas Vijfwinkel to go to Odaiba in 2 hours, we instantly hit the Akihabara streets.

And for the rest...

by MSX Resource Center on 21-05-2005, 01:05

The days that followed after MSX World 2005 proved to be a lot busier than I thought. I had several meetings with many people related to the MSX Revival, at sometimes highly impressive locations, such as the 45th floor of the Keio Plaza Hotel. I briefly met Mrs.

Bussum 2002

by MSX Resource Center on 05-10-2002, 00:00

9:15 AM; arrival at Bussum. It's pretty quiet as we arrive at the fair building. Most standholders are still busy setting up their booths. The fair is smaller then last year but the different rooms are big enough for all standholders. The fair is mainly one hallway and 4 rooms providing space for 11 standholders. Around 10:00 am the first visitors arrive.

Bussum 2003

by MSX Resource Center on 18-12-2003, 23:20

On the end of September the people of TNI treated the MSX Community with a nice MSX fair in Bussum, Netherlands. This year the fair was held for the 15th time (including the legendary MSX fairs in Zandvoort). But there were more reasons to celebrate.

On the 9th of October the annual MSX fair of Bussum was held for the 16th time in history. MSX Resource Center celebrated their 10th anniversary and a young company called Bazix had some MSX Revival news to announce. A report.

Devcon Summer 2004

by MSX Resource Center on 29-08-2004, 16:50

On August 28th the second edition of Devcon, the Dutch MSX developers meeting, was held. Maarten van Strien and Sander Zuidema report.

After the announcements of MSX World 2005 and an invitation to attend the fair as a member of Bazix, it took me quite a while to get things arranged. Only two weeks before the fair was going to be held, I was able to get my finances straight, book a flight and get a room in a simple hotel in the Jimbocho district. As I would arrive in Tokyo during the 'Golden week', a week during which the Japanese have several celebrations and days off, especially the latter wasn't as easy as usual. Still, on May 3rd, I was boarding the plane that was to take me to Tokyo (via Zurich), and nothing could stop me from a 2 week stay in Japan. A report.

Of course, you are all dying to find out what Nishi talked about during MSX World 2005. What is he planning for the future? Well... you're in luck, as here is a summary of his lecture titled "MSX - The 20 years that have passed, the 10 years that are to come". The lecture devides the past, present and future into 3 segments of 10 years.

MadriSX 2003

by MSX Resource Center on 20-03-2003, 22:10

In 2003, two members of the MRC administrators-team travelled to Madrid in order to meet some Spanish MSX users, by attending the annual MadriSX fair. Here's what happened...

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