An article describing how to construct a low-cost cable with which you can resurrect a 1chipMSX containing a faulty config - and thus won't boot anymore.

Asia in Amsterdam

by MSX Resource Center on 23-12-2003, 23:00

MRC admin Sander van Nunen and Robert Kersbergen searching for Asian/Japanese shops in Amsterdam

An interview with Dennis, Konami's retired PR manager. The interview was held in 2004, based on questions from the MRC forum.

A full report of the lecture Dr. Kazuhiko Nishi - founder of the MSX standard - gave at the international MSX Fair in Tilburg. Nishi talks about the past, present and future of himself, MSX and computers.

MRC webmaster Rieks Warendorp Torringa visited Japan during December 2003 and January 2004. Although his trip initially had little to do with MSX, he could not resist visiting a few MSX friends and places during his stay.

A thorough review of MSX Emulators for Windows.

MSX in Japan, 2003

by MSX Resource Center on 12-10-2003, 00:50

The dream of every MSX user coming true happened to Remco van Nunen: a trip to Japan. A report of his search for MSX in Nihon.

An archive of the newsletters sent to all members of the MSX Resource Center.