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An article describing how to construct a low-cost cable with which you can resurrect a 1chipMSX containing a faulty config - and thus won't boot anymore.

Asia in Amsterdam

by MSX Resource Center on 23-12-2003, 23:00

MRC admin Sander van Nunen and Robert Kersbergen searching for Asian/Japanese shops in Amsterdam

blueMSX 2.2

by MSX Resource Center on 21-04-2005, 00:00

The first version of blueMSX was released on November 21st 2003. With that, this emulator is the most recent flavor of MSX emulators in our test. Originally based on the popular fMSX core of Marat Fayzullin, the emulator is completely free from fMSX code as of version 2.0.


by MSX Resource Center on 21-04-2001, 00:00


Nishi thanks us all for our interest and closes the lecture.

ASCII's proposed timetable:

August 2001 - Distribution of MSX player for PC begins.
November 2001 - MSX server goes online.
4Q 2001 - Distribution of MSX player for various platforms.
1Q 2002 - Single MSX Tape Out.
3Q 2002 - Manufacturing of single chip MSX begins.
1Q 2003 - New MSX goes on sale.

fMSX 3.0

by MSX Resource Center on 21-04-2005, 00:00

We continue our test with the emulator on which almost every other MSX emulator has been based. In fact, as far as we know, blueMSX, openMSX and Zodiac are the only MSX emulators that are completely free of fMSX code.


by MSX Resource Center on 21-04-2005, 00:00

fMSX-SDL is an emulator that stays very close to the emulator it's based on: fMSX. Basically it adds better music and graphics emulation using SDL (Simple Direct media Library).

fMSXSO 1.32bc

by MSX Resource Center on 21-04-2005, 00:00

fMSXSO is a Japanese MSX emulator based on fMSX. The emulator only emulates the MSX2+ computer system and is mainly aimed at music enthusiasts. Like fMSX, it supports output of Music to MIDI.

An interview with Dennis, Konami's retired PR manager. The interview was held in 2004, based on questions from the MRC forum.

A full report of the lecture Dr. Kazuhiko Nishi - founder of the MSX standard - gave at the international MSX Fair in Tilburg. Nishi talks about the past, present and future of himself, MSX and computers.

MESS 0.95

by MSX Resource Center on 21-04-2005, 00:00

MESS stands for Multiple Emulator Super System and is a derivative from the arcade machines emulator MAME. With MESS you can emulate a huge variety of old consoles and home computers, including MSX1, MSX2 and MSX2+ systems. Systems very similar to MSX like Colecovision and Spectravideo SVI-318 and SVI-328 can be emulated as well.

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