MSX DevCon 2003

by MSX Resource Center on 23-12-2003, 22:10

It's dry for a whole month and on this saturday it was raining like hell. Wolf arrived at the cafe where Legacy was waiting already with the cafe-owner. It was around 10:00 already, and we were waiting on the first guests to arrive. MSD & Shadow showed up first after driving in the wrong direction, this also happened to other ppz as well. nicely shows a BP logo, while the actual gasstation was a Total. Other than that, everyone could find the partyplace without hastle. Between 11:00 and 12:00 everyone was there, except Snout, who was way too ill to show-up. The full list was: Wolf, MSD, Shadow, Chao5, Jorito, GuyveR800 and Arjan. And Legacy (the location-scout), after going to another MSX-meeting that the same day, rejoined the troops at the afternoon.

The barman was our private cook.. whatever we ordered, drinks, snacks, burgers, we didn't even have to leave our chairs, once in a while he came by to ask if we wanted anything. How much more can a coder ask for? You snap your fingers and snacks and coke are brought straight to you! That was the whole arrangement-concept anyway.. free partyplace but roughly 4 to 5 consumptions for each one were needed to indirectly pay for the place. Well, since you need food and drinks anyway, this was an excellent deal.

In the next room, some other ppl were having a party as well, with uhm.. apres-ski music and Frans Bauer shouting from the speakers. Luckily we could close a wall between our hall and theirs. On the other hand, other cafevisitors might have ask theirself: 'why are people sitting there with all these computers?'.

MSD was coding handy new stuff for MBFM and MBWave, while also fixing some bugs. The teammembers from TVSP were working on TVSP, and the teammembers from Bombaman were showing and working on Bombaman. These were roughly the 3 activities on that day. Meanwhile Wolf did a small snowfall contribution, while GuyveR800 assisted with ideas. Not released yet, but will be just before the deadline. Wolf assisted Jorito with relooping/editing some waves used for the Bombaman OPL4 music. MSD also showed-off his grotesque MSX system with his windows-lookalike GUI system, music player and tons of other things that you and me can't run :) Others were showing-off what they did for the snowfall compo.

Shadow didn't bring a computer, he was just hanging around and talking. In the afternoon,Shadow had to go already, to Amsterdam, while Chao5 needed to go home to do a volleyball match (which he won with 3-2 btw).The rest of the gang continued their activities. After several hours, MSD fixed his initial solo-key feature for MBFM, meaning that you can solo a channel, instead of muting the other 23 channels (yay!).

In the evening, around 21:00, ppl slowly packed their stuff together again. At 21:30 the last ones (Wolf, MSD & Jorito) left home. The rain had stopped!

You can see some pictures of Devcon'03 right here