asMSX version 1.0

by fubukimaru on 08-12-2020, 17:32

asMSX is a Z80 cross-assembler for MSX, originally developed by Eduardo "pitpan" A. Robsy Petrus and now mantained by the asMSX team. This project is based on GPLv3 code release by Lucas "cjv99". MRC wiki has an entry for asMSX.

The included file has the windows, linux and osx versions of the cross-assembler.

Version 1.0 beta released the 07/12/2020 includes the following improvements:

  • Updated Readme, Changelog and Documentation (Thanks to @jamque Pull request #71 )
  • When we use reserved keywords as labels, we state it as reserved word used as identifier. Issue #70
  • MegaROM undefined page message improved.
  • We don't allow (whatever character)REPT anymore. Only REPT or .REPT.
  • PSEUDO_DS now doesn't check if there is a memory overflow in the first pass. This prevents it to crash in presence of undefined labels and report wrong error message. Issue #62
  • Added .ZILOG 0 pseudo. Now we can enable and disable zilog standard parsing. Note: this needs more checking between passes. (Thanks to @duhow Pull request #72)
  • Improved argument handling (Thanks to @duhow Issue #60)
  • Windows tester works again (Thanks to @duhow)
  • Makefile improvements (Thanks to @duhow)
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