AX-350II Rom dump

by ali6x944 on 09-05-2019, 18:57

-General Description:
This is the AX-350II Rom Dump, the label on the chip was XD025C0-052, ROM Board label was XD017B with the last digit being in a box, file format is ".HEX" the rest is documentation photos of the board.
-Un-identified and conflicting IC sightings accounts on the board :
The ROM is a 27C040 or pin compatible ROM, with all the data being in the "upper portion" of the address space starting from 000000 to 02FFF0, followed by an empty region from 030000 to 07FFF0, that is 327664-bits of wasted space.
the choice of a large ROM is inconclusive but it may signal the use of the same ROM across multiple machines like for the AX-370, or the intention to add software in newer Revs of the AX-350 line -an AX-350III or AX-350II+ perhaps-, but for now, this is all speculation.

Note: I am really sorry for the quality of the pictures, photography is not one of my skills Sad

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