Deep Dungeon Adventure + source code

by Huey on 20-01-2013, 14:23

DDA: Deep Dungeon Advanced (fixed version)
This is it. The full source code of the game "Deep Dungeon
Adventure' by TriloByte. Included are:

- source code (including hidden game)
- sprites/screens are included
- music is included
- makefile is included, so you can just type 'make' and get
your own ROM file

Unpack all files in the same directory and run make.bat

Compiling your own version
All data files are included in binary compressed format.
Use msx-o-mizer to generate your own new files.
All Pt3 files are compressed and without 100 bytes of header.

If you want to have a look at the original files, please let
us know. We will be happy to send them to you, together with
some home conversion tools.

The assembler 'Sjasm.exe' used for the project and
'msx-o-mizer.exe' are included in the package ready to be
Run "make.bat" to get a ROM file.

Warnings, disclaimers and licensing
All files are distributed as freeware, please give credit to
Trilobyte (ARTRAG, John Hassink and Huey) when using (some
of) the files.

The package includes some code for page management by Z80ST
(SETPAGES48K.ASM). Fernando, thanks for your help!
The game includes also a special (hidden) game by dvik and
ARTRAG. Its files are located in the in the folder
'intruder4K_redux\m.a.z.e'). Daniel, thanks for your support!

That said, some more warnings:
- Most of the code is in English with reasonable comments...
but there is some Spanish here and there in z80st original
- If you have any trouble while playing around with the code,
just let us know on

- post comments on asking for Trilobyte

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28-12-2014, 19:04


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29-09-2016, 15:30

The HP management of the cartridge version suffers of a random bug. Under random condition you lose an unpredictable amount of HP. Thanks to Oscar Toledo who spotted the bug while porting the game to colecovision, here there is a new version where the HP management is fixed

[MOD 20160929, ro: updated this download to the latest version]

By tfh

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05-02-2017, 20:37

I have received a request/hint to add this game to my site, so... here it is: