Genic's picturedisk is a public domain disk with demo's, utilities and games from the international MSX community.

update 20170105: added patched version "Clubguide Picturedisk 7 SCC FIX.DSK"
The SCC of the Flashrom SD isn't detected correctly on the original release. This has been fixed in a patched DSK. The SCC detection routine in the demo "writing demo" has been replaced and now detects the following SCC cards:
◾Flashrom SD
◾Flashrom SCC
◾Flashrom SCC+
◾Konami SD-Snatcher Sound Cartridge
◾Konami Snatcher Sound Cartridge
◾Konami SCC game cards with a disabled ROM

Please note that the SCC card must be located in a primary slot and that you have to hold "S" key while booting the disk image from the Flashrom SD. This patch was created by larsthe18th.

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Genic Clubguide Picturedisk 07339.21 KB8273 days 1 hour ago
Clubguide Picturedisk 7 SCC FIX.DSK720 KB4273 days 1 hour ago


By ro

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05-01-2017, 15:57

Added the scc-patched version, by larsthe18th