DSK-PRO Light 1.4

by cbsfox on 19-10-2022, 08:47

Light version of DSK-PRO in .dsk format

-- DSK-PRO Light (Version 1.4) ---

What many thought impossible happened. The TDC-600 Disk Interface, which is currently sold by Paulo Maluf and Daniel Ravazzi, is supported by the new DSKPRO Light Version.

This simplified version supports all existing disk interfaces for MSX, being able to copy floppy disks at a speed only reached by light.
And obviously, as the name implies, the program allows you to generate floppy images (.DSK) from a physical disk, and vice versa.
And you can use 2 floppy controllers on the same computer to make a copy of your physical disk.

For example:
You can connect a TDC-600 interface to a Turbo-R ST and do all the operations above with these 2 floppy controllers, using the Turbo-R's internal drive and the external one connected to the TDC-600.

Generating diskette images (.DSK) or creating a physical diskette from a DSK image is much easier if you have an IDE or Mega Mapper or any other mass storage interface.

It does not stop there. DSKPRO Light uses any memory mapper or megaram plugged into any slot.
Copy speed is daunting. It's all very fast it directly accesses the FDC.
And all with a super simple and intuitive interface.

Don't stay in the past, download now this super software that for now is free.

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