FAC Beat

by BlueCrystal on 02-08-2012, 20:24

A relatively unknown FAC demo from Haaisoft and USE Crackings. The demo contains three parts:
1) The Fac Beat - Sample music playing through the PSG. (press space after the scroller to start the music)
2) Metal Gear demo - Screen 8 digitized image of Solid Snake - Press A-Z for different Metal Gear music and sound effects.
3) Wave to the beat - Screen 8 sinus wave of the logo. Followed by sample music played through the PSG.

Press CTRL when booting to be able to the latter two parts.

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By roadfighter

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12-08-2012, 12:27

Wow this is great, i was looking for this great demo for a while now.
And here it is LOL!