Low Rate voice encoder

by ARTRAG on 31-05-2016, 23:09

This is the Windows version of the voice encoder for ISR replay.
See the forum for more information. https://www.msx.org/forum/msx-talk/development/voice-synthesis-on-isr?page=1

- unrar the files in a directory
- place your .wav files in the subdirectory wav\
- open a command window and go in the directory where sccLOFI3.exe is
- run from commandline sccLOFI3.exe
- enjoy the new rom
The ASM sources for the replayer are included. Both PSG and SCC are supported.

In case of missing DLLs, install the Windows 64-bit version of the MCR for R2012b from the MathWorks web-site.

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25-07-2016, 20:46

we are at release 5, it is btter to follow the link to the forum thread and get the last version from there


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25-07-2016, 22:04

In this page one can find all the encoders in their different flavors

The last encode with stand alone player is in RELEASE04.RAR

The compact format for the data
is generated RELEASE05, but you need to implement your own player

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