Maze of Galious patch - ZEUS cheat

by Manuel on 26-02-2022, 20:04

Enable the ZEUS cheat by default.

With the ZEUS cheat, you can enable "F5 Continue" after game over. While playing, on the very first screen, pause the game with F2, type the letters "Z", "E", "U", "S" with the MSX Keyboard and un-pause.

This patch reverses the function of the ZEUS cheat. The hack it is enabled by default, which means you can use F5 to continue by default, instead of having to type the ZEUS password each time you restart from scratch.
Be aware: as it is reversed, typing ZEUS now disables the continue option.

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MoG_F5_Continue_inverted.ips_.zip226 bytes166 weeks 5 hours ago